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retail & brand space design

Our visual solutions empower organizations to seize every revenue opportunity in their business while delivering a differentiated brand experience. Our retail experience group focuses on enhancing customers' experience through the use of innovative signage, digital kiosk and touch screen technologies to improve the look and feel of every business

We create exciting new brands and breathe new life into existing ones. Our architects design world class in-store retail experience; we work across a number of industry sectors, ranging from banks to telecommunication. Our knowledge of customer trends and customer expectations in one sector often proves invaluable to the other sectors in which we operate.

The output of our work creates an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients which range from Concept development, digital posters, digital touch elements, digital kiosk, digital in-stores and outdoor wall branding.

website & apps developmnent

Mooreadvice provides you with a Website that is an asset to your organization, with easy navigational tools that help deliver your marketing communication goals. Our crop of in-house professionals with diverse experience who have successfully designed, built and powered world class, edge cutting interactive websites for various sectors ranging from public to private to blue chip, SMEs, NGOs... are well informed on latest technology and the operative online brand dynamics

With technical partners abroad we provide our client with a secure, 99.9% uptime Web hosting and Domain name registration services.

We also specialize in the development of bespoke software built from scratch by our team of highly skilled developers who are abreast with latest industry technology. Unlike other software, ours is user friendly and highly interactive targeted at both business and technical users.

Knowing the perfect operation of a business depends on the attention paid by workforce to the minutest details of its operation; we do not develop software alone but go the extra 100 degrees to understudy your business to create a flawless solution to your specific business needs.

Our HR/ Careers Application ensure you pay less for Human Resource Management, effectively creating an online archive for external recruitment at your fingertips.

digital signage & OOH

Merchandising is about presenting products in the most pleasing and enticing way to generate more sales. When buying at a supermarket chances are your buying decision has been influenced by the way the products were displayed.

The expertise and experience of our team will help you provide the framework for customer satisfaction and the commitment to quality.

Our merchandising team has years of experience working with some of the biggest and most successful brands in Nigeria and beyond. This wealth of experience can be exploited in providing you merchandising solutions comparable to what you get anywhere in the world.

project management

Partnering with you and your vendors, Mooreadvice act as an existing team, complementing your resources and skills.

We are committed and responsive as an in-house department but we add the creativity, dynamism, out-of-the-box thinking and technical expertise from an external agency.

When engaged in a project we build a thorough understanding of your business, market sector and peculiar needs enabling swift results

Competencies outside our scope are sometimes needed for a project. We won't "re-invent the wheel" but tap into our repertoire of best practice professionals who are currently working or freelancing for mega brands.

Thereafter we mix and match, getting you the desired result at no extra cost to your budget. Thus we always remain alive within your set deadlines.


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